Survival Gear List

Survival Gear List

Whether you are headed across Europe or up the mountain make sure you have all the gear you need by checking our Survival Gear List! Available for download here.

  • Sharpener-Image1
  • Stanley FatMax Xtreme FuBar
    Stanley FatMax Xtreme FuBar
    Need to pry, split or beat the heck out of something? This everything you need to get countless jobs done!
  • Water Bottle with LifeStraw Filter
    Water Bottle with LifeStraw Filter
    Quit drinking out of puddles fill your canteen and filter up to 264 gallons on the go!
  • Hard Copy Resources
    Hard Copy Resources
    Could you hot-wire a car or stitch a wound without Google? You need hard copy reference materials in your pack!
  • Windmill Delta Storm-Proof Lighter
    Windmill Delta Storm-Proof Lighter
    You need a better lighter… This guy can ignite a flame under 70MPH of wind and hold 1g of fuel with an ignition system good for 30k lights!
  • Meals Ready-to-Eat
    Meals Ready-to-Eat
    Not just for Army brats anymore these “great tasting” complete meals have a about a 4 year shelf life and will fit easily in your pack.
  • Spyderco Knife Sharpener
    Spyderco Knife Sharpener
    I’m sure you have a great knife … But after sharpening a few fishing spears you’re going to be glad you have this little guy!
  • Barnett Outdoors Diablo Slingshot with Stabilizers
    Barnett Outdoors Diablo Slingshot with Stabilizers
    Don’t waste precious ammo and draw attention with loud gunshots. Discreetly take down small game and enjoy unlimited ammo with this killer life saver!
  • Aloksak Clear Map Case
    Aloksak Clear Map Case
    A good topographical map could be vital to your survival! Don’t let a little rain wash out your chances, protect your map!
  • Heirloom Emergency Survival Seeds
    Heirloom Emergency Survival Seeds
    Rations will only last so long. When things quite down repopulate your garden with everything imaginable!
  • Solar Powered 4000mAh Backup Battery
    Solar Powered 4000mAh Backup Battery
    Recharge your vital communication equipment with the power of the sun! We recommend at least two per bag…


Stuffing your backpack full of gear is really basic, but very important to get right. You don’t need your underwear falling out every time you grab a protein bar. Here are a few tips to make your life a tad easier and make checking off your backpack gear list much easier.

In a perfect world, a well loaded pack will sit straight on your back. Nothing will be pulling you to one side or the other. The pack should keep still as you walk almost as if it was part of your upper body.

They key here is preparation. You need time to lay everything out compare your items against your Survival gear list and do one last visual check to make sure you have everything you need. This is going to be much harder to do in a rush so the key is to get ready now.

Your backpack will most likely have a top-load opening that allows you to access the main compartment. You should also have several zippered access points that allow you to reach deeper inside the pack. Some even have a sleeping bag slot at the base of the bag. This allows you to remove your sleeping gear without disturbing the rest of your pack. If you don’t need the sleeping bag this is a great place to store items from your Survival gear list because they will be very easy to access.

Start At The Bottom

Start loading the bottom of your pack with the major items you won’t need until you are ready to settle in for the night. Make sure you keep the “luxuries” down to the essentials. When you really get into a bind you’re going to be great full your pack has additional ammo and food rather than stuffed with a bunch of pillows or discount outdoor gear. Make sure not to bury your headlamp of flashlight down here you always want to keep that someplace easy to reach.

If you’re preparing for time in the wilderness it’s important to keep your sleeping gear away from anything with a potent fragrance. Bears and other wildlife can’t tell the difference between your toothpaste and that hearty bag of teriyaki jerky.

Stuck in the middle

The point while stuffing all this stuff from your survival gear list into your pack is to create a comfortable and predictable center of gravity. The heaviest items of the pack should sit right in the middle of your back. To high and the pack will start to tip as you walk, to low and the pack will feel like it’s pulling you down.

Place your heaviest items such as your food, water, stove and cooking materials on top of your sleeping bag and close to your spine. If you have any kind of liquid fuel check the seals on the container and always pack it below your food supply in case of spills. Wrap lower weight items like your tent and jacket around the heavier items to prevent things from shifting around.

Toping it all off…

This is where you’re going to keep your most used items from your Survival gear list. This will be things like your sunscreen, flashlight, and medical supplies. Everything on your survival gear list in the top load section. Fill up all empty spaces. For instance fill inside your cooking pots with small clothing items or utensils. Fill up your bear canister. Everyone has their own style you’re just going to have to try some different packing variations to find what really works for you. Some like a loose highly organized pack where everything can be reached with ease. Some prefer a tightly packed bag that never shifts an inch. The outside of your pack will have plenty of straps and accessories for tactical survival gear. Keep external items to a minimum as they can often get caught or tangled.

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